Happy Easter 2021

Happy Easter 2021

Now that Spring is finally here, we here at McKeown’s Heating and Air Services are sure that whatever your faith, you will be looking forward to a well-earned break away from your screen and the opportunity for some time outdoors as restrictions ease from COVID-19 and of course chocolate (got to have the chocolate and peeps). Today is Easter which is the most sacred and important time for Christians of all denominations. Read More

Happy Easter 2020

Happy and Blessed Easter

The world is celebrating Easter today and though we cannot fill the streets with processions, or express and share our Easter joy in church, we still share the mystery of Easter in our homes and can also share through virtual and online means to celebrate this festive and holy day. We here at McKeown’s Heating and Services wish all of you a Happy Easter and our hearts and minds are with you during Easter and these most changeling times.


Happy Easter 2018

We here at McKeown’s Heating and Services wish you all a Happy Easter.  May the success borne out of your efforts, the company of loved ones, the mirth of celebrations and the blessings of God… Give you and your family a joyful and happy Easter!!!