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HVAC Maintenance Plan

Peace of Mind Service Plan
takes care of you ALL Year Long

No one takes your comfort more seriously.

Additional Peace of Mind Provides

Every member of the McKeown’s Heating & Air Services Peace of Mind Service Plan will find new ways of saving money all year long while increasing the comfort and peace of mind with their annual membership. As a member, you will also receive a great discount on many accessories that help increase the comfort in your home. 

Save up to $500

Receive trouble-free service for your furnace and air conditioner with our Peace of Mind Service Plan.

We will perform up to two seasonal maintenance tune-ups per year on your furnace and/or air conditioner. We will also provide you with guaranteed priority service as an added benefit of this plan.

Also, with every consecutive year of membership in the Peace of Mind Service Plan, you will accrue a $50 credit that is good towards future equipment replacement you may need in the next ten years. This credit is transferable to your new home if you move within our service area, or use it is as an added benefit when selling your home.


Every member in the Peace of Mind Service Plan will find a new way of saving all year long.
Your savings will include:

  • An IMMEDIATE reduction in the annual cost of maintaining and running your equipment.
  • A 15% discount on all parts and labor during the entire term of your agreement.
  • The opportunity to accrue valuable Bonus Dollars toward the purchase of future replacement equipment.

Points of Service Tune-Up for your Air Conditioner

  1. Oil Motors
  2. Check fan belts
  3. Check fan blade
  4. Check freon level
  5. Check amperage draw
  6. Check temperature draw
  7. Check temperature drop
  8. Check electrical connections
  9. Inspect condensate drain system
  10. Check thermostat
  11. Calibrate thermostat
  12. Clean air conditioner
  13. Remove all debris from unit
  14. Inspect furnace filter
  15. Inspect furnace blower
  16. Oil blower if necessary


Warm, dry air acts like a giant sponge, soaking up moisture from everything it touches. Low humidity causes dry skin, irritates the throat and nasal passages aggravate allergies and asthma and make you more susceptible to illnesses. Replenish that moisture with a whole house humidifier.

UV Air Purifier

Bacteria and mold spores travel through the air in your home every time your heating and cooling system’s fan is in operation. A whole house purifier uses ultraviolet germicidal light to kill mold and bacteria before they re-circulate and affect your family’s health.

Programmable Thermostat

A deluxe programmable thermostat saves energy and delivers precise comfort control automatically – all the while learning how to keep you comfortable and maximize your energy savings.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is not visible and high levels in the home can be deadly. Just watch the news every winter. This unit is battery operated and has a sensor that isn’t activated until it is installed. Equipped with a red light that flashes every 60 seconds, you will be able to see that it is working all the time, helping to keep your family safe from CO2.

  • Keeps operating efficiencies high and utility bills low
  • Helps to extend equipment life
  • Helps to protect against costly failures
  • Provides you the convenience of scheduled service on a regular basis
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • Automatic annual renewal of the Peace of Mind Service Plan – we take the worry out of your maintenance

Priority Service

As a member of the Peace of Mind Service Plan, you will be guaranteed a top priority response to your service needs. You will also receive preferred scheduled times for your seasonal maintenance tune-ups.


  • One service tune-up for your cooling equipment
  • One service tune-up for your heating equipment
  • Peace of Mind knowing your warranty will remain valid with proper maintenance
  • Preferred service scheduling

We know you are busy … let us take care of it all for you!

Points of Service Tune-Up for your Furnace

  1. Clean furnace or boiler
  2. Check chimney base
  3. Clean and check pilots
  4. Adjust pilot
  5. Check Thermocouple
  6. Clean burners
  7. Adjust burners
  8. Check fan belts
  9. Check amperage draw
  10. Check furnace filters
  11. Check safety devices
  12. Check heat anticipators
  13. Check thermostat contacts
  14. Check limit control
  15. Inspect combustion chamber
  16. Check blower wheel
  17. Check blower motor and lube
  18. Check furnace wiring
  19. Check for combustion air
  20. Check hot water tank
  21. Check gas valve operation
  22. Test for gas leaks
  23. Check humidifier
  24. Check electrical connections
  25. Inspect heat exchanger for leaks
  26. Check motors and oil if necessary
  27. Check any/all accessories
  28. Check and secure all panels
  29. Check thermostat and calibrate if necessary

Electronic Air Cleaner

Today’s weather-tight homes trap indoor pollutants inside where everyday contaminants become increasingly concentrated – indoor air can be up to 20 times more polluted than outdoor air! A whole house electronic air cleaner cleans the air by filtering billions of unseen microscopic particles that float in the air silently improving your home’s indoor air quality.

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