Heat Wave

Heat Wave Hits the Carolinas

South Carolina has been suffering through several days of record-breaking heat, that holds true even here in Chester and Fairfield Counties as we have seen 108 degree days.

The high at the Columbia Metropolitan Airport reached 109 degrees on Saturday, matching the hottest temperature ever reached in 125 years at the city’s official recording station.

Florence set a record for the day at 104 degrees, and the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport also set a record for June 30 at 103 degrees.

The National Weather Service says Friday may also have been the hottest day ever recorded in state history. Stations in Johnston in Edgefield County and on the University of South Carolina campus in Columbia reported 113 degrees, but those measurements will have to be confirmed with the State Climate Office on Monday.

The current state record is 111 degrees, last seen in Camden in June 1954.

Even though we are receiving a large number of service calls due to this heat wave we are able to provide service in under 24 hrs to customers within our service area. So if you are having air conditioning issues call us as soon as possible at 803-374-1125.

Here is a video on how to survive a heat wave.

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