Labor Day 2020

Happy Labor Day in 2020

We here at McKeown’s Heating and Air Services wish all of you a Happy Labor Day.¬†

September 7 is Labor Day here in the United States. This national holiday began more than 100 years ago to honor low-paid factory workers. Labor Day unofficially marks the end of summer. In any other year, students would be getting ready to go back to school. Many Americans would celebrate the day with an outdoor barbecue with family and friends. Others would use the long weekend to take their last vacation of the summer, before hot days turn cooler.

But 2020 is not like any other year. Some students in many parts of South Carolina will be going back to school online for all or part of the autumn term. Health officials are advising against social gatherings for this Labor Day weekend. Also many people are still affected by COVID-19 as they are out of work or have had to curtail their work schedules due to safety concerns and also with issues on finding Child Care.

As Americans and also South Carolinian’s we will face the challenges we are presented and over come them. Stand strong, help your neighbors and friends that are in need, together we can beat this as we have beat so many obstacles throughout our history.


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