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Fall is Upon Us

Fall is upon us here in the Carolinas and it’s time to fire up those furnaces and test those heat pumps in heat mode.

You don’t won’t to get caught on a cold morning and find that your heat doesn’t work. We recommend you get on a yearly maintenance agreement and get your system checked out, cleaned and serviced.

A Yearly Maintenance Agreement includes two check-ups and cleanings a year, one in fall and one in spring. This also includes two pounds of freon. Preventive maintenance will save you money in the long run for several reasons. One it makes sure your equipment is running under manufacturers’ specs and you use less gas and/or electricity. Two it makes sure you are operating safely and don’t have any underlying problems that could lead to bigger costs in the future. Let’s face it in these times we all need to save money.

Contact us and set up to get on our Yearly Maintenance Agreement today.

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