There are many financing options available to you, read on for just a few that are available. If you need financing for a new or replacement system and need more info just give us a call and we will work to find a good solution for your needs.

  1. We recommend that you first look to your local Bank, Credit Union or Savings and Loan for financing as they may offer you better interest rates, and it’s always a plus to deal with people you know and have a relationship with.
  2. We use FTL Finance which offers convenient fixed-interest financing for both residential and commercial HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) equipment purchases, and we normally have a decision on your application within 15 minutes. You can contact us or ask our Service Technician for more info and/or an application. Also, you can apply online directly with FTL Finance, click here for Online Application.

If you need financing for a new or replacement system call or contact us and we will work to find a good solution for your needs.

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Money Saving Tips

Here are a few helpful tips on things that you can do to save you money, time, inconvenience, along with energy and our precious environment.

  • Set your thermostat as low as is comfortable in the winter and as high as is comfortable in the summer.
  • Inspect, clean, or change air filters once a month in your central air conditioner, furnace, and/or heat pump. Your contractor can show you how to do this. A dirty filter can increase energy costs and damage your equipment, leading to early failure..
  • Clean warm-air registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators as needed; make sure they’re not blocked by furniture, carpeting, or drapes.
  • Bleed trapped air from hot-water radiators once or twice a season; if in doubt about how to perform this task, call a professional.
  • Turn off kitchen, bath, and other exhaust fans within 20 minutes after you are done cooking or bathing; when replacing exhaust fans, consider installing high-efficiency, low-noise models.
  • During the heating season, keep the draperies and shades on your south-facing windows open during the day to allow the sunlight to enter your home and closed at night to reduce the chill you may feel from cold windows.
  • During the cooling season, keep the window coverings closed during the day to prevent solar gain.
  • Just as a tune-up for your car can improve your gas mileage, a yearly tune-up of your heating and cooling system can improve efficiency and comfort.